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Property Law

Welcome to the Property Law section.

Boundaries and Relief

Windows Jersey common law provides that a window should be built at a minimum of three Jersey feet from the boundary of the neighbouring property unless the window is non-opening and opaque. 3 Jersey feet = 2 feet 9 inches This may also affect the building of greenhouses or conservatories. Party walls No building should […]

Disputes with tradesmen

Major structural work For concerns on planning and building compliance, please visit Planning and building compliance (gov.je) Building construction and development disputes If you are unhappy with the work done by a tradesman, you should send a letter to them explaining why.  Keep a copy of the letter. You may wish to speak with Trading […]

Ending relationships and housing

Jersey Law Jersey Law does not have common law marriages and any couple who stop living together are viewed in the same way as any two people deciding not to live together such as friends. It is possible for married couples to remain in the same property while separated but the parties have to lead […]

Establishing ownership of property

Please see Public Registry records (gov.je)

House Purchase – removal of goods

Buying a house and removal of goods If you buy a house or property, it becomes yours from midnight of the day the contract is passed. Therefore, anything removed from the property on the morning of the contract day has been taken or converted illegally. Although in theory it is possible to remove garden plants […]

Housing Regulations and Property

Please contact the Population Office

How to obtain a copy of house deeds

You can access this through the Public Registry through the Judicial Greffe. Please see Public Registry Services and fees.  

Joint ownership/Purchasing of property

You will need to seek legal advice, we have a legal clinic that runs once a week that offers a free initial half an hour telephone appointment with a lawyer, please contact us to discuss this.

Lodgers and the Law

Please see Lodging accommodation (gov.je) For further information please contact the Population Office 

Personal possessions left behind by a tenant or lodger

Possessions left by a Tenant and Money is owed to the Landlord A landlord who is owed money by their tenant is not allowed by the law to sell a tenant’s possessions to recover the debt. In this situation the landlord should get an order or restraint on the possessions until the amount of the […]

Registration of Tourism Properties

Registration of Tourist Accommodation See:  Tourism (Jersey) Law 1948 Any property used as a hotel, guesthouse, self-catering unit, hostel or campsite must be registered as tourist accommodation. For how to register a property as tourist accommodation, the conditions that must be satisfied and fees paid, see here.

Residential Tenancy Law

Please see: Housing standards (gov.je) Tenant and landlord rights (gov.je) Condition reports for landlords and tenants (gov.je) Housing for people with registered status (gov.je) Lodging accommodation (gov.je)  

Stamp duty

There are different rates set for different circumstances.  Tables of the rates are in the Stamp Duty and Fees (Jersey) Law 1998. A stamp duty calculator is available on the Government website.  
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